Sogo Butai Co.,Ltd.

Sogo Butai Co., Ltd. is a company integrating four areas of Production Services, Coordination Services, Consulting Services and Lighting / Sound. You can create concerts, plays, musicals, TV programs and various types of events with us. We serve the varying demands for lighting & sound design, stage plan and directing based on decades of experience inside and outside Japan, with our large stocks of the best equipment.

Production Service

Sogo Butai provides large-scale production services that have no equivalent in Japan. We offer thorough technical consulting to productions coming from outside Japan.

Coordination Service

As a total coordinator of concerts and events, we select concert halls and mechanical equipment that fit best customers' needs. We also conduct planning, loading in, setting up, and strike of lighting, audio and projection.

Consulting Service

We provide installation design for theaters, concert halls, and live houses, including sales and delivery of the equipment.

Lighting / Sound

With our highly-efficient lighting & sound equipment and experienced staff, you can realize what you imagine. Our equipment is durable, versatile, and always in great-shape.

As a hub of Sogo Butai Group we provide lighting/sound plans and designs for performances, events and TV programs with a plenty of equipment. We produce integrated service for events with careful selections of the items appropriate for each occasions.

Sogo Butai Co.,Ltd.

Establishment: January 1971

5-28-21 Kyodo, Setagaya, Tokyo 156-0052
Tel: 03-3706-2001 Fax: 03-3706-2066

Technical Center:
1-26-39 Shinkoji, Machida, Tokyo 195-0057
Tel: 042-736-4661 Fax: 042-736-4688

Fukuoka branch:
3-10-23 Beppu, Shimen, Kasuya, Fukuoka 811-2205
Tel: 092-957-3233 Fax: 092-957-3240

Number of employees: 200